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chikon2000 09-03-15 03:00 PM

Gazelle Primeur
This Gazelle Primeur (year unknown) is for sale on CL:

Vintage Gazelle Bike

The seller said that s/he would like $200 US for it (and, yes, I informed her that this is a man's bike). Does this seem reasonable? Are there any issues or concerns about these bikes that I should be aware of? Would these make decent commuters (my commute is fairly flat and about 4 miles each way) or are they too heavy?Many thanks for your insights. Michael

big chainring 09-04-15 06:36 AM

Surprised no one has responded to this. Looks like an awesome commuter. Has everything you need, lights, rack with pannier bags. I would try to bargain a bit on price, but $200 is not a bad deal.

non-fixie 09-09-15 04:08 PM

Well, well. How did a Gazelle Primeur from Wassenaar end up in Memphis? These are decent everyday bikes, and very common here in Holland. Used to travel to school, work, the shops, grandma, whatever. Perfect for commuting in a flat area. It's what they are made for.
If it's in good nick $200 seems reasonable. If taken care of properly it will last you a lifetime.

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