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rjislas 09-24-15 02:03 AM

Katakura Silk
I have completed a full resoration of a seemingly untouched (mid-late 60?) Silk bicycle which with a little love(30 hours of rebuilding) and a lot of chrome polish has definitely turned some heads since I finished the project. There's little I can find on the Silk bicycle company let alone the model I have but it's obvious It was put together right. It comes with a complete 1st gen Shimano skylark group set, and Nitto bar and stem (bars are also stamped with silk signature). It's obvious the bike lived inside and rarely ridden. Now a collectors piece, I have grown to love this small piece of history. I found it for 99$ at a pawn shop and talked them down to 75$. I was very happy with my purchase. Baised off the pictures, does anyone know what year it is? What it's worth? Where I can find more info on it? Thanks!

rjislas 09-24-15 03:31 AM

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cb400bill 09-24-15 04:23 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. We have moved your inquiry thread from C&V to Appraisals.

While your posted picture is nice, it isn't adequate to give a proper appraisal. Turn the bike around so we can see the drive (chain) side of the bike. Then post pictures of the derailleurs, brake calipers and levers, and pics of the frame including any decals. Oh, the serial number helps, too.

rjislas 09-24-15 10:31 AM

sorry I cant figure out how to post pictures here, I am a newbie. working on it...

due ruote 09-24-15 10:46 AM

Put the pics on a hosted site like flickr or photobucket, then insert the photo url using the picture frame icon on the reply to thread task bar.

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