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Spaghetti Legs 02-09-16 08:38 PM

1989 Bianchi SLX
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I have a Bianchi Giro with SLX frame, Gipiemme dropouts that I got a very good deal on. Unfortunately it's a little too big for me so I'm looking for a replacement frame/fork. I really want to keep this and ride it. Mine is 63 cm ct 58.5 cc top tube. I'd like to get a 57 or 59 cm frame.

Condition would be very good. Mine has a few little dings which I touched up and one small area of surface rust at the seat cluster that I chipped away to bare metal and repainted. What would you folks pay for frame/fork? Here's a pic of mine.

italianbiker 02-09-16 10:07 PM

That looks more like the Mondiale frame. The issue here is there are a lot of the mid level frames (black, white and blue) for around 275-350.00.

There are fewer Upper end celeste frames in any condition. It took me 3 years to find the perfect one. The size your looking for is a desirable size. So:

+1 if a bike is your size
+1 Celesete
+1Top of the line frame,
- 1 original paint/touch up

BTW your bike- frame is gorgeous. I like the American Bianchi's vs the ROW.

375-425 easy

I paid 450 for my frame.

Here is one......
Bianchi Reparto Corse Columbus SLX Frameset | eBay

Spaghetti Legs 02-10-16 07:16 AM

Thanks for the reply italianbiker.

In 1989 the top 3 in the Bianchi hierarchy, including the Mondiale and Giro, all used the same frame and differed by group set. Mine is Athena 7 speed. I've been shopping eBay and was kind of surprised at the asking prices on the higher end Bianchi steel. I just passed on one for $400 + shipping.

italianbiker 02-11-16 12:28 AM

The Mondiale had a right rear chrome as your does. So, your frame is the Mondiale model. High end Bianchi steel is somewhat high but they are wonderful frames and no more expensive than a Colnago or De Rosa. At this point, they are a bargain. The mid frames (dime a dozen) are selling for 300!

If you notice there are a lot of sellers in Europe with higher end frames. If it is your size and has original paint, I would jump on it. Good luck on your search and post it when you do get one!

I'm looking for an X4.

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