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riusx 04-05-16 03:07 PM

Can anybody identify this bike - Reynolds 531 butted frame tubes - 1989-1990?
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Hello! I'm new to the forum because I never rode a road bike before. I've been using a mtb for 2 years now though.
I'm interested in buying a road bike to commute daily and I've found this bike (atached) with a reynolds sticker on it. It looks like it is a repainted frame but it has the reynolds sticker (it wouldn't surprise me to be put there to increase the value) and also is shimano 600 equipped wich i heard is not bad for a low cost.
The main detail that captured my attention was the back brake brigde that looks like a cilo or maybe gazelle, and after the reynolds sticker maybe a 1989-1990 frame. Thank you!
I found it for about 120 $ and I'm thinking to buy it.

juvela 04-05-16 03:26 PM

Appears if may be a respray. Wonder if fork original to cycle. Would check to see if fork tips match dropouts. Brake bridge is an investment cast piece available to all makers so it does not especially advance an identification.

T-Mar 04-05-16 03:54 PM

Shimano 600 Ultegra would date it no earlier than 1988 but this appears to have been cobbled together based on the pedals and Camapagnolo Gran Sport brakes. I can't identify the crankset from the pictures.

It may be a repaint with added decal but appears to be a decent frame based of the investment cast seat lug and front derailleur tab. I place it circa 1982-1985 based on the lack of a 2nd set of bottle bosses and pump peg. The rear dropouts look like they may be Columbus. As stated by juvela, the brake bridge is a common cast design.

Lack of embossing suggests a smaller builder but we should be able to narrow down the nationality, tubeset and grade. The bottom bracket cups will have the thread standard stamped on them, which will allow to narrow down the nationality. The seat post diameter will tell us the grade of the tubeset. Remove the front wheel and check for five helical ridges inside the bottom of the fork's steerer tube. This is indicative of Columbus tubing. If nothing, remove the fork and check the steerer. Most manufacturer's stamp their name or logo on the steerer and some even date code them. Anything serial number on the frame?

roadbikerLou 04-05-16 04:28 PM

If you can take a photo of the underside of the bottom bracket it would be helpful, especially if there are alpha/numerics stamped in. If this is a repaint it might be hard and you may need to look very slowly in bright light. Take your time examining on the top and bottom of seatpost, and top and underside of bottom bracket. The Shimano 600 group is really what is now Shimano Ultegra and it is very functional, durable, and looks fine when shined. Can you see a name on the stem and handlebars? Also, look at the numbers on the cups at the crank where it meets the bottom bracket. On the back of the crank arms you should be able to see some indication in mm of the length of the arms but more importantly the type of crank. Either way, if it is a Reynolds 531 or Columbus frame and it fits you correctly the price is very reasonable IMO.

riusx 04-06-16 01:48 AM

Thank you for the replies I will post some new pictures after i get them from the owner.
I was also thinking to ask for a under BB photo to see the frame number.
From what I see the rear dropouts doesn't have any name engraved but have the look of a columbus. That would be funny a reynolds sticker on a columbus frame.

roadbikerLou 04-07-16 07:35 AM

You can also pull out the fork if you have access to the bike and the fork comes out easily enough. If you haven't done it, ask a bike shop to help. The Reynolds forks I've come across have Reynolds markings stamped in them halfway between the crowns and threads at top of stem.

As far as the Reynolds sticker on a Columbus frame... unfortunately that happens way too much. Some builders however have put together tubes from different makers as they were building with short supplies of tubes or when they were using up supplies and going out of business or selling to another.

I have one beautiful Reynolds531 frame that is one of my main goto rides that is all Reynolds 531 except for the downtube that is actually Columbus. I thought at first it was an added sticker although it looked original and upon further examination found out that the builder used this setup as they were going out of business. To complicate further, the company who bought the remaining stock used their own parts on hand and these newly acquired mis-mosh assemblage to produce decent frames that I hope to never have to figure out what they are in the future.

riusx 04-08-16 12:27 PM

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Unfortunately the bike was sold, but I didn't stop the searches.
I have found another one for you guys, this one is about 140$ which is very cheap considering the looks of it and the components (some shimano 600 pedals, campagnolo dropouts, clb omega brakes). The model or year of the the bike i couldn't find (is not in the 93 catalog from velobase) maybe it's a bit earlier, mid 80s I think.
I've heard that concorde are dutch manufacturers that made bikes for ciocc or vilnius and also saw a lot of columbus steel framed bike but this one I don't know what to say. Thank you.

mparker326 04-08-16 01:00 PM

That Concorde seems like a good deal. Go ride it and see if it fits. Both the frames you posted look are larger frames. Hope you are tall.

riusx 04-08-16 01:05 PM

Yes i see that they are large frames and hoping that it would be no larger than 60 cm (I'm 187 - 6 feet 1). thx

mparker326 04-08-16 01:10 PM

Originally Posted by riusx (Post 18675441)
Yes i see that they are large frames and hoping that it would be no larger than 60 cm (I'm 187 - 6 feet 1). thx

To my eye, they look like 63 cm (c to top) frames. If they are, it might be on the upper end of what you can ride. Only one way to find out. . .

Good luck!

0.2HP 04-12-16 09:45 PM

You will likely have trouble finding cages for those 600 pedals; Shimano only made that style for a few years. They are also the second most uncomfortable pedals I'e ever ridden.

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