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Bobray95 04-12-16 01:32 PM

Bought a Maruishi Ct-12 off of C/List this week!
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I bought this Maruishi CT-12 on C/List last weekend. Haven't had a chance to clean it up much. It had some ugly ape hangers on it that had to go. It had a Naval Air Station Sticker on it a lots of faded reflective tape. I did get them off. I rode it a few miles and wow! It rides good although it's a little bit tall for me. I gave $50 for it. Figured the tires and wheels would be worth that. Can't find much information on Maruishki's on the web. What do you think????

bargainguy 04-12-16 04:48 PM

Maruishi is now Jamis. I've always admired both brands. Current models are well built and good value compared to the Big Three.

The older Maruishi steel frame drop bar road bikes are gems. This one is a city bike, probably 1980's, and for whatever reason, just doesn't attract the same attention. Same with the Bridgestone city bikes, at least around here. Nice bikes but never caught on.

Yours looks like some parts have been replaced. Specifically, the STX rear derailleur is of a later period (mid-90's) than the thumbshifters.

Since you state the frame is a bit tall for you, I'm assuming you're not interested in keeping it. All tuned up, cleaned & regreased, it's about a $100-125 bike around here in the conservative Midwest, perhaps a bit higher in college towns or urban areas.

jetboy 04-12-16 06:08 PM

nice bike- (I also like Jamis) bargainguy pretty much hit the nail on the head: it sure does look large and that might actually be a plus in resale. Can't be too many city bikes made that large with a nice cro-mo made in japan frame, and if you are willing to wait the right buyer may be very happy to spend some money on it.

id clean it up and put it up for 150.

Bobray95 04-12-16 06:30 PM

Thanks guys! I rode it a couple of miles and it was really smooth. The gears all shifted smooth. I should get a chance to change out the cables and clean it up in the next couple of days. I'll probably relist it and see what happens! I've already found a home for the ape hangers it had on it when I bought it. They're going on a pink cruiser I'm building. Thanks again!

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