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supertrainguy 05-05-16 05:07 PM

Old single speed Hercules
Hi, Today I bought a single speed Hercules bike for $40.
I had the intentions of putting a motor on it.
I took it to the local bike shop to check for tire/tube prices and to have the front wheel repaired. He said it "might" be a $150-$200 bike.

I Just want a second opinion before I touch anything on it.

Here's some pics.

zukahn1 05-05-16 05:26 PM

Fairly low end single speed utility bike from 60's with the rough cosmetics worth about $100 in good working order. Having brought and sold a lot of older bikes I found that I had to all but give away lesser British SS and 3speeds.

mparker326 05-06-16 09:03 AM

Sell it to him. You paid FMV.

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