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PinkBike1977 06-22-16 11:39 PM

Torpado Pink Bicycle

After researching for a while for information on my bicycle, I found this site and hopefully, someone can help.

I have a pink Torpado Cicli Europa PADOVA Made In Italy bicycle. I purchased it in the 1970's. It is pink with a white seat and has a bell and light on it. It also came with vinyl, colored strings on the wheels.

Has anyone ever seen one of these or do you have any information on this bicycle?

Thank You

CliffordK 06-23-16 03:05 AM

Pictures always help.

A lot of the value of a bike will be the actual component choice, and also the overall condition of the bicycle.

Some of the older Torpado bikes had a lot of chrome.

juvela 06-23-16 03:13 AM

Torpado bicycles issue from a company called Torresini.

The forum has a thread on Torpado machines here. If you are able to make some photos of your cycle you might wish to add it in to the discussion:

There is some background information on them here:


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