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Logan_Wright 06-29-16 06:43 PM

1959 Schwinn Suburban Value
Check this out. Here is the link:

Bikedued 06-29-16 07:48 PM

Not an unreasonable price, but I wouldn't say it's a 59 though, since they started making them in 1970 from what I have read.,,,,BD

Metacortex 06-29-16 10:30 PM

Yes indeed @Bikedued that is in fact a first year 1970 model. I'd offer a bit less than the asking price, but the bike appears clean and original so it is in the ballpark. Here are the original catalog pages:

oddjob2 06-30-16 05:25 AM

Not an extraordinary deal at $110. Asking prices and condition for Schwinn bikes in Detroit vary widely, as much as 1000%.

I'd offer no more than original list price. :)

Logan_Wright 06-30-16 08:47 AM

Alright thanks everyone I was thinking about asking $80.

ramzilla 06-30-16 03:08 PM

My dad bought a matching pair of green 5 speed Suburbans for the family to play with sometime back around 1970. I think one was a step through frame. All I remember about them was how freakishly heavy they were. If you're actually planning on riding that I hope you don't have any hills to climb. Otherwise, it would probably make a good grocery getter. With store 1/2 mile away on all flat roads.

bike_forever 07-03-16 09:58 AM

Definitely is and early 1970's bike.

ramzilla 07-03-16 11:57 AM

Those old Suburbans were indestructable. When the planet explodes they'll still be floating around in space for a billion years.

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