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Seizedpost 07-12-16 02:20 PM

Helicomatic wheelset
Hello all,
I have a Helicomatic wheelset I want to sell. It has Maillard hubs, a 5 speed freewheel, and Rigidia eyeleted rims. Both hubs spin smoothly.

What's a fair asking price for Craigslist? There are none I can find on eBay right now.

bertinjim 07-12-16 02:30 PM


Are they 700C or 27"? It will make a difference as many people prefer 700C due to tire selection and availability. As well, Maillard's Helicomatic hubs are often disparaged for poor bearing life. Probably, in really clean condition, straight and true in 700C, you are looking at maybe $100. Probably there will be shipping on top of that for a buyer to pay since finding a local buyer for pickup is unlikely. With the rear bearings replaced with Grade 25 ball bearings they are a reasonable wheel set.

Seizedpost 07-12-16 02:44 PM

Oops, I forgot to mention that. They're 27".

Seizedpost 07-12-16 02:51 PM

Do you think I'd have any luck on the C&V For Sale forum here?

juvela 07-12-16 02:58 PM

Also you should specify which model of Helicomatic it is.

There is an ordinary quality one which corresponds to Atom and Normandy Sport and there is a quality one in the 700 series.

Here is the ordinary one: - Component: Maillard Helicomatic

Here is the 700 series model:


For readers interested in the Helicomatic concept, history and models this web site is quite helpful:

The Helicomatic Museum

Seizedpost 07-12-16 03:01 PM

It doesn't say 700 so I think it's the ordinary one.

3alarmer 07-12-16 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by Seizedpost (Post 18907511)
Do you think I'd have any luck on the C&V For Sale forum here?

...if they have value, it would be to someone trying to do an "as original" restoration on one of the bikes that came with them, so I would definitely try there.

oddjob2 07-12-16 04:08 PM

Wow, six posts and no one asked, chrome or aluminum rims?

If chrome, value is probably $35 for the pair. If alloy, maybe $45-$50.

Seizedpost 07-12-16 05:38 PM

Oops, I remembered wrong. It's got a 6 speed freewheel.
And as I said in the first post, the rims are Rigidia and have eyelets. They are aluminum.

zukahn1 07-12-16 06:33 PM

On these a real nice set with 27 alloy rims in great shape with good freewheel cassette and skewers matching rims spokes and hubs front and rear about $50-60. If there not a complete matching set only about half that there's just not a lot of demand for these about the only people that want them are looking for a wheel set for an early 80's Trek. There are a lot of early Trek guys here so yo might have some luck in the sales section.

mparker326 07-13-16 06:28 AM

I think you will have a hard time selling these for any price as the Helicomatic hubs whether unfairly or not was disparaged by Sheldon Brown. They were a good idea, but had some flaws. The cassette hub rapidly took over and most people want nothing to do with these.

I sold a pristine Trek touring bike from the early 80's on eBay. The buyer requested that I keep the Helicomatic wheels.

ramzilla 07-13-16 07:26 AM

Sorry but, I have nothing but very unpleasant memories of Helicomatic things. I suppose somebody somewhere out there might want them .......... but why?

dweenk 07-13-16 09:59 AM

I'm not a Helicomatic hater. I think you can get $60-$70 for the pair if the buyer has the Helicomatic freewheel tool. Does the rear have the Helicomatic branded plastic dork disc?

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