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yookwh 07-13-16 10:18 AM

Getting into biking, would like to know if this Schwinn (red) hybrid bike is worth it
Hello, everyone! First post on this forum, and I'm sure one of many to come. My new place of work is inconvenient in that the parking spot is miles away from the actual worksite, whereas I can just ride a bike to that site. I've been looking for a nice bike to ride around in the city, while also occasionally taking it out to parks.

I came across this: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet, and the seller put in his description, "Vintage Red Schwinn Cimarron Hybrid Bike." He's asking $275, coming down from $400 (Which he then lowered to $300). Is this a good price? And is Schwinn a highly regarded company?

Sorry for these questions, as I'm new to bikes. Thanks!

NYMXer 07-13-16 10:47 AM

Just my opinion, but that looks like a really old bike and certainly not worth his price.
Do yourself a favor and go to your local bike shops and test ride a few bikes. Bring home the one that best fits you and your budget, then go riding. You won't regret any of it and as your interest grows and conditioning improves, be prepared to step in to another bike, N + 1 you know.....

Good luck, post a pic of whatever you end up getting.

Oh, welcome to BF too!

SquidPuppet 07-13-16 11:08 AM

Way overpriced at $275.00

Clang 07-13-16 11:55 AM

You'd be paying a premium because the Cimarron was Schwinn's top of the line mountain bike. This model has a big following on bikeforums. Here's the thread if you want to learn more (this one looks ~1986):

So I don't think the price is as crazy as others have stated.

Pic assist:

But if all you want is a commuter, you shouldn't have a problem finding a decent mtb for less than $100. If you post where you live and how tall you are, perhaps we could give you craigslist suggestions.

oddjob2 07-13-16 12:19 PM


Unless LeBron James rode it and autographed that bike, it is easily about 2X what its street value is as shown. FMV $125-$150, although the bottomfeeders around here would expect to get it for less.

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