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cebroski 10-03-16 02:07 PM

1993 Gary Fisher Tassajara Evolution
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Did I correctly identify this mountain bicycle (see pics)?

Printed on the bicycle are the words:

"4130 CR-MO
Custom Designed
Gary Fisher
Supersize Mountain Biking
Made in Taiwan, designed in California

My closest match came via BikePedia:

1993 Gary Fisher Tassajara - BikePedia

I also found a clip from page 12 of a Gary Fisher Magazine from 1993 (see attached pictures).

I've ridden this bike around a thousand miles in the last 3 years, but it is too big for me, so I am going to sell it. Please help me identify the bicycle!

P.S. - I had some of the bike parts replaced: handlebar stem, pedals, and front wheel. The rest (I think) is original!

T-Mar 10-03-16 03:22 PM

The brakes are not the Altus A10 specified on Bikepedia. They appear to be 500LX, which would make this the 1992 model. The derailleurs should be 400 LX. BTW, Tassajara is the model name. Evolution was Fisher's name for his system of oversize headset, stem, bottom bracket, seat post, fork and tubing. Serial number?

Edit: based on the saddle, I wouldn't have thought that the bicycle is too large. After all, it is a hybrid and not an ATB. However, you're the best judge.

cebroski 10-03-16 06:01 PM

Hi T-Mar,

Thanks for the clarification on the term Evolution.

Yes, the derailleurs are 400 LX EXAGE!

The crank is labeled FC-14400 JAPAN.

I looked under the bottom bracket and found YF-023 printed there, which I think might be the serial number.

The chainring also has printed on it "Biospace SG".

Here are some measurements:

Seat Tube 20"
Top Tube 21"
Head Tube 22.5"

The bike color is black.

Is there a place I can look on the brakes to confirm they are 500 LX?


T-Mar 10-04-16 05:16 AM

We know it's a 1992 model as that was the first year for the Tassajara model and it went from an Exage 400LX/500LX mix in 1992, to Altus in 1993. The brakes are definitely pre-Altus, which was my first clue to the year. The brakes were spec'd as 500LX and should have BR-M501 or BR-M502 on the back. The number on the crankset is probably FC-M400 (which is 400LX), as a poorly stamped 'M' could look like a poorly stamped '14'.

The YF-023 sounds more like a part number for the bottom bracket shell but it's not a big deal if you can't find the serial number. It would just be interesting to know, as it may tell us the exact build date and the identity of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

cebroski 10-04-16 04:36 PM

Hi T-Mar,

You are right! I just checked and the brakes do indeed have BR-M501 inscribed on the back. The crankset has FC-M400 printed on it, I misread the "M" as "14".

I just checked the shift levers and they are labeled "Shimano Total integration" with "ST-M050L" for the left and "ST-M050R" for the right.

I think I have enough information to sell the bike now, though I have no idea what a reasonable price to ask for a mostly good to fair (chain might need repair) condition 1992 gary fisher tassajara would be. Maybe if I get it repaired first it would sell for more?

I live in the Bay Area, near San Francisco, California, so maybe $200? I found one on eBay in mint condition that recently sold for $900 here:

Again, thanks for your help!

T-Mar 10-05-16 05:43 AM

The shift levers are 500LX. Sorry, I don't the follow Bay area pricing. Ready to ride bicycles sell for more but in general you don't recuperate the repair costs if you have it done by an LBS.

cebroski 10-05-16 12:04 PM

Hi T-Mar,

Got it! I think I will try and repair or replace the chain myself, then sell it. Thanks so much for your help!

P.S. - Here is a link to a 1992 Gary Fisher Catalog with details about the Tassajara. Enjoy!! :)

drewrockstarr 10-10-16 11:16 AM

I happened to love GF mountain bikes. Best vintage hardtails IMHO. I had 1999 Big Sur have 2006 now. Mate had 90s KaiTai model which was super light and outpaces guys on $1000+ bikes on month long tour of southeast Asia and South America. What is most desirable are GFs with the Genesis geometry. And this will be written on the back triangle. I had a Marlin pre genesis and it is it is not the same. I do not like my 2006 Big Sur even with Genesis geometry. 90s models are the best especially Hookekoos which are going for $400-500 in UK. Pre genesis won't generate above $100 in UK if buyers do their homework. Good luck. Owners of vintage GFs should not let go of 'em. They rock!

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