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BicycleMonkey 10-15-16 04:04 PM

Is this a Schwinn Paramount?
The seller doesn't know what it is. I don't think its a Paramount but I need help identifying this bike! He says it has a Specialties TA crank, Huret & Rally shifters, Weimann centerpull brakes and Weinman 27" aluminum wheels. The lugs look really nice but I don't see any other identifiers on this frame.

The S/N is MS3474 on the rear dropout.

Here's a link to the full set of pics
Mystery Bike - Album on Imgur

howsteepisit 10-15-16 04:12 PM

Not a paramount nor any where near that quality. Stamped dropout indicate a lower quality frame, nice lug work moves it up slightly. The rear brake cable bridge is mostly seen on English bikes, but there are others that used them. Mix of components, I see a French QR (Hubs?) and crank, looks to be a campy rally rear derailleur, Huret front derailleur, and Weinemann brakes. Most looks like a French or English Boom era bike

juvela 10-15-16 04:14 PM

Definitely not. Looks to be of French or Belgian origin and certainly well below the calibre of a Paramount.

edit: after posting it dawned on be wee "braine" that frame is a Dawes Galaxy from the early 1970's.

headset will have the distinctive floating u-races.

BicycleMonkey 10-15-16 04:32 PM

Is that worth the $95 asking price?

howsteepisit 10-15-16 04:59 PM

As a rider, yes I think its worth $95, not for a flip though.

juvela 10-15-16 05:08 PM

Originally Posted by BicycleMonkey (Post 19125196)
Is that worth the $95 asking price?

Yes, the fittings alone are worth that.

Machine's original components include: headset, stem, bar, brakeset, wheels & probably the saddle pillar.

Replaced fittings include chainset, saddle, gear ensemble & pedals.

One of the forum's Dawes experts has posted that this serial number placement and format was employed 1966-74.

If you would like to get an idea of how the cycle appeared ex-works you could explore this forum thread:

If model identification correct the frame's three main tubes will be Reynolds 531 plain guage.

BicycleMonkey 10-15-16 05:20 PM

So what's up with the foam bar tape? Was foam bar tape something that was original stuff in the early/mid 70's?

blakcloud 10-15-16 05:53 PM

The foam grips are called Grab On grips. I used them in the early 80's if I remember correctly. They are most likely an add on for that bike you posted.

juvela 10-15-16 05:56 PM

No. Original bar tape would have been a ribbed non-adhesive plastic material.

The brown example on this flickr page has its original wrap in white (scroll down):

There were even Dawes marked handlebar end caps.

You might like to explore this entry for additional information regarding the Dawes Galaxy bicycle:


BicycleMonkey 10-15-16 07:10 PM

Would there have been a head badge or would it have just been a sticker?

juvela 10-15-16 07:22 PM

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Originally Posted by BicycleMonkey (Post 19125483)
Would there have been a head badge or would it have just been a sticker?

Would expect and actual 3D head emblem affixed with fasteners. The company did go back and forth over the years between a transfer and a real headplate.

If there are no fastener holes showing in the head tube you could always withdraw the fork to examine the interior of the head tube to see if fastener holes may have been filled in prior to the respray.

Early seventies headplate looked like this:

howsteepisit 10-15-16 07:24 PM

From what I recall from the mid-70's there was metal head badge, but that was a long time ago.

juvela 10-15-16 09:00 PM

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iirc the badge illustrated is made of stamped aluminum sheet which is anodised gold and then stencil painted.

when one gets back into the 1950's they were wondrous stove enamelled pieces of work:

BicycleMonkey 10-16-16 12:47 PM

Well, no holes visible on the head tube.

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