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jorglueke 10-15-16 08:36 PM

Crown Pre-War
One more, this one is pretty cool and I'm curious what these go for generally in this and original condition.

randyjawa 10-16-16 02:10 AM

To properly determine a bicycle's value, one must know what kind of bike, its condition and where the bike is located. To that, add one's marketing ability. The better you are at marketing, the more you will get for a bicycle.

In this case, the bent front fork will negatively impact the bicycle's value. Were I in the market for such a bicycle, I might pay up to $100.00 for the bike, but only after a careful inspection of possible frame damage.

Please not, my appraisal is based on what I would spend. Chances are I am a bit frugal when it comes to this sort of purchase.

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