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jkondik 10-19-16 10:02 AM

Help finding a great bike under $300
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and just started researching road bikes that are affordable for under $300. I'm looking at vintage bikes because it appears I can get the best bang for my buck in this area.

Does anyone have preferences or experience dealing in this area. I was reading an interesting post that shared:

The best deals are the late 1980s Japanese bikes, the ones you want have aluminum alloy wheels, but a steel lugged frame. I highly recommend Centurion “Iron Man”, Nishiki ‘Prestige”, Miyata 600 and higher to 1000, Fuji “Team”, Shogun “1000”, Univega several models with 700c wheels, Schwinn “Tempo” and a few other models made in Japan like”Prelude.”

I haven't had much luck locating these bikes in the Tampa area. I did find a Nishiki International for $250:

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

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