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Seizedpost 10-22-16 03:55 PM

Romana Formula 280 on Craigslist
Hello all,
This bike was originally for sale for $125, now $100. The components seem to be really high end, why so cheap? Should I snag it while I can?

Seizedpost 10-22-16 03:57 PM

Admittedly the 1980s Suntour Cyclone RD and ARX FD are at odds with the steel cottered crank. Safe to say the derailleurs are not original. Would this bike have originally had Campagnolo?

Edit: and the fork looks like it was replaced. . .
And the ad says it has "Suntour handlebars."

zukahn1 10-22-16 05:18 PM

If everything works good the price is pretty good, decent looking frame set, cyclone shift group with bar ends and alloy wheels. Bit of bin build but most of the stuff is pretty good except the cranks. Not much original on the bike except likely the crank set and brakes, yes there is a good chance this bike would have had low end Campy bits likely Valentino shifters and tipo hubs laced to rigida rims.

Seizedpost 10-22-16 05:30 PM

So it's a cheap, low-end 70s bike with a bunch of nice parts added to it? I thought that might be the case, thanks.

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