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Vintage Diamond Back?

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Vintage Diamond Back?

Trying to find out what it's worth. Was my brother-in-law's and he passed away from mesothelioma. Thanks!

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Ken, I lifted this quote from another thread. The logic I think is sound even though the main topic is Trek mountain bikes.
Sorry that you will likely find the guidance correct.
Originally Posted by phoebeisis View Post
...Like Auchencrow said- lots of lasts years news MTB- are available for very low prices-prices bordering on very low end bike store or high end Walmart bikes.

The reason I can sell the (Trek) 930 etc for $170 is because that is less than what a somewhat nice sports store bike sells for and roughly what the nicest Walmart bikes sell for.
Urban young folks prefer a "not Walmart" bike. Frankly Walmart $100 bikes are pretty good bikes for $100, but I have to pay $20 to make any $$ selling them-usually sell for $40 or so.

On another note the Trek 930,950,970 are really great deals.They were originally sold as MTBs-early 90's-when rigid MTBs were still considered MTBs. In truth they are actually the worlds greatest urban do anything bikes.The rims allow skinny slicks or wider lower pressure tires for whatever your particular city throws at you.They also have double butted cromo frames.Where else can you find an entire DB cromo steel frame bike for under $200-and occasionally for under $50.
I've never actually found a 900 series Trek for less than the $120-delivered-that I paid for this, but in some areas-PA and NC- apparently they are really cheap.

In NOLA- lots of young folks-they are aware of the desirability of cromo frames especially DB- so I usually sell a bike like this for >$175 or so.
The 800,820,830, 850 are slightly downscale-components and frame material-so they sell for $100-$130(the 850 is DB but not the True Temper OX).

Other manufacturers-made equivalent bikes-Diamondback, Gary Fisher, and they sell for roughly the same $$.

I posted because I was surprised there was so little interest in a bike I knew was worth $170+ here-NOLA. Now NOLA in general doesn't have the high prices the west coast and some other big cities have.The season-getting cold and wet many places- mkaes a difference.I might have to wait for "spring" late Feb Mar here- to get $175 or so.Might sell it for as little as $160 in the cold dark near winter.
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My condolences on your brother in law's passing.

Your DB is in rough shape, lots of grime, rusted spokes, surface rust on frame, etc. The bike needs a lot of new parts and most likely an overhaul. As far as the frame, Tange Champion #5 was the heaviest grade of tubing with #1 being the lightest, so it's not like there is a lot of value in just the frame alone.

This bike would need a lot of work to become salesworthy. I wouldn't pay more than $25 in its current shape. If it were cleaner and not rusted, perhaps $50-75. But condition is everything here. For reference, a clean example that was completely overhauled and needed parts replaced, maybe $125 in my market.
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FWIW, the SunTour Mountech rear derailleur places it 1983-1984.
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There's a good write-up on this model here: VINTAGE MTB: Some developments

The Ridge Runner was a high-end mtb in 1983, but unfortunately Diamondback doesn't have the cache of the same-era Specialized Stumpjumpers. This one is missing its chromed bullmoose handlebar. If you put it up for $25, someone's gonna feel lucky they got a cheap pair of SunTour XC-II pedals.

I would spend 20 minutes wiping it down with a rag and a bucket of hot soapy water and then take some outdoor photos. The indoor flash photography is doing this bike no favors. I'd put it on CL for $100. You can always lower the price if you don't get any takers.
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The rusted spokes are a huge turn off to me.

But the components are worth something:

Suntour bear trap pedals are priceless, worth $40-$45 by themselves. So take the pedals off and sell them on ebay.
The Sugino cranks are also valuable, $50-$70 cleaned up.
Sell the rest of the bike for $40 on craigslist.

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If you are going to sell it, I agree with oddjob2.

If you intend to keep it, that's another thing. I like old mountain bikes, so if it were mine; I would buy new wheels, clean it up, service the bearings, and replace the consumables. I would do this knowing that I may never recoup the investment.
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there's a lot of semi valuable parts on that bike. the canti brakes, the adjustable setback seat post, the rd. I cant see the bars but i'm guessing the shifters are valuable too.

not to mention that is a large framed lugged mtb without a unicrown fork. should be able to get something for that too.

take it apart and polish the parts you make more $. but if you sell the whole bike as is i doubt you get 75.
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Thanks all for the info and advice. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't giving away something more valuable. Doubt I'll go through the trouble of parting it out, probably just clean it up, take new pics and put it on Craigslist.
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Sorry for your loss. You should consider donating the bike. Take a tax deduction. Be good.
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