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rideandgoseek 11-23-16 09:23 PM

Kestrel 200SCI Approx Value
Classic Carbon Kestral 200 SCI

Thoughts on what year this bike might be and it's approx value? IMO $400 seems like a decent deal

Dura Ace cranks and derailleurs, unclear about the brakes

Thanks in advance!

exxongraftek 11-23-16 10:44 PM

I wish I still lived in Denver - I'd be in SO much domestic trouble right now, having bought that.
In other words, IMHO its at or a bit below FMV.

plonz 11-23-16 11:20 PM

Full DA group would have made this a very nice price. Mixed group makes it just a fair price IMO. That said, these bikes have a following so maybe a better deal to some.

If buying to ride, I think you're fine.

Bianchigirll 11-25-16 05:07 PM

Those chainrings look really worn. It wouldn't be much of a deal if it needed new rings and cassette.

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