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chiyama 11-28-16 09:22 PM

1984 Centurion Comp TA
(Don't judge the saddle position. I had just gotten the bike when I took this pic!)

More pics from the Craigslist seller I bought it from

I recently fixed up my dad's old 1991 Bianchi Virata, and have decided to part ways with my 1984 Centurion Comp TA. How much should I list it for on Craigslist and Facebook? I live in Southern California, and also right next to a college town.

The bike is 50cm, and in very good condition. Full Shimano 600 SIS groupset. The tires are Continental Ultra Sport ii's, with under 100 miles on the tires. The bike is very clean, and rides great.

I've seen some people saying that Comp TA's in good condition are worth anywhere from $200-300. Not sure how much to ask for mine.

Please let me know!

romperrr 11-28-16 10:00 PM

I have no experience with this particular model, but your range sounds reasonable. The quality of the parts brings up the value but the size may bring it down. Though if you're near a college town, a 50cm frame will definitely have a market. You might have better luck parting it out.

oddjob2 11-28-16 11:24 PM

Hold out for $250 +/-. It is the pre-Ironman, Ironman.

markwesti 11-29-16 11:13 AM

That is a nice bike , like oddjob2 says it's a pre IM and you don't see those in good cond. every day . IMO clean and tune , tag your add with a little L'Eroica .

T-Mar 11-29-16 12:43 PM

FYI, it has been upgraded, as SIS was not available in 1984. However, it is at least the SIS version of the OEM derailleur system, so there should be little, if any impact on the value.

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