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thekauz 12-22-16 09:31 AM

Schwinn Collegiate 3 speed
Does anyone kmow anyone who collects Schwinns near Baltimore?

I was just given a Schwinn Collegiate 3 speed that is dusty but is completely original. It even has the original grips, seat and even the reflectors in the spokes are original. It sat in a shed for many many years. Even the tires are original though dry rotted and flat.

It has chrome fenders etc.

Anyone know anyone that would like it.......

dweenk 12-22-16 01:05 PM

Are you wanting to know what it is worth to sell, or are you offering it to a Schwinn collector for free?

thekauz 12-22-16 03:20 PM

Offering for free

Originally Posted by dweenk (Post 19266226)
Are you wanting to know what it is worth to sell, or are you offering it to a Schwinn collector for free?

Free. It's a great, complete original. If I worked on it I would never get my money back on it but I know there are collectors that can put the effort into it. And I don't want it going to waste sitting in my garage.
That being said I would never turn down a free will offering though ;-)

dweenk 12-22-16 04:10 PM

I am not a Schwinn collector. My preference is old Raleigh 3 speeds. I am certain that there are some Schwinn lovers in he area who would love to have the bike.

My advice is that you offer it to a bike coop in Baltimore. They will either refurbish it and sell, or give to a client who needs transportation.

thekauz 12-22-16 04:25 PM

Good advice and I do know of one in the City that I'm sure is still around

Dflerick 07-31-19 06:25 PM

Schwinn collegiate 3 speed
Trying to figure out what year my Schwinn collegiate 3 speed is from

Dflerick 07-31-19 06:27 PM

Does anyone have any tips on figuring out when a vintage bike was made?

Dflerick 07-31-19 06:28 PM

It is at least from the 1980s maybe earlier

Vintage Schwinn 08-01-19 05:32 AM

I think that the Schwinn COLLEGIATE 3 Speed was available only in 1970 model year, and the COLLEGIATE 3 Speed returned for 1979 and was available in 1979, 1980, and'll have to check as to after 1981....maybe '82 as CHICAGO plant ended soon after....I don't know about Mississippi and later Murray built stuff. I'M NOT AN EXPERT. I seem to recall a friend saying that the Ashtabula blade fork, which was a staple of the Schwinn lightweights like the Collegiate/Varsity/Racer/Breeze/Speedster also ceased production due to the end of that factory around the same time.

COLLEGIATE 3 Speed ( OFFERED in 1970 and then again from 1979 thru 1981)
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW is that the COLLEGIATE as introduced for 1964 (1964 to the Chicago end) was a FIVE SPEED MODEL.
****As far as the Schwinn THREE SPEED models:
The 1957 Schwinn RACER 3 speed is essentially the same exact bicycle (RACER was year models 1957 thru 1971)
The Schwinn BREEZE 3 speed models, and The Schwinn SPEEDSTER 3 speed models are essentially the same exact bicycles as the 3 speed RACER models and the 3 speed COLLEGIATE models. There are essentially NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES, other than perhaps one model or another offered Chrome fenders while the other model offered Painted fenders to match the frame color.
The BREEZE was the step-through(ladies). I think there was another name used in the distant past that also was a step-through in 3 speed and (37 x 597mm 26 x 1 3/8 schwinn only tire)
*******ALL OF THESE HAVE THAT 26 x 1 3/8, 37mm X 597mm schwinn only tire. KENDA MAKES THIS TIRE I believe it is called the Kenda K23, (37 x 597). Available from major online bicycle shops/parts dealers for less than $20 total cost per tire including shipping to your door. There are BLACKWALL, GUMWALL, and WHITEWALL versions available. Expect to possibly pay more for the whitewall version. THESE ARE SUPERB TIRES.
They are a little bit difficult to mount evenly IF YOU AREN'T EXPERIENCED in mounting bicycle tires! You may want to pay to have them mounted by someone knowledgeable at your favorite LBS, as the labor to do so will not be terribly expensive and you'll have them smooth rolling...

***************************Schwinn Year Model..... (mid sixties -and- 1970's -and- Chicago last days of early eighties):
YOU HAVE TWO LETTERS and NUMBERS as the serial number on Chicago built , electro forged Schwinn bicycles.
------The 2nd LETTER denotes the YEAR and the 1st Letter denotes the MONTH---
1970: F
1971: G
1972: H
1973: J
1974: K
1975: L
1976: M
1977: N
1978: P
1980: Q
1981: R
1969: E
1968: D
1967: C
1966: B
1965: A
(IMPORTANT: Remember that for 1965 onward CHICAGO production that the SECOND LETTER denotes the YEAR model !!!)
The FIRST LETTER is the Month of Production...... Example A= January, B= Feb, C= March .....the letters I and O are not used.........

If you're curious about these great old 3 speed SCHWINN (37 x 597 , 26 inch tire schwinn only....that KENDA makes today...)
I urge you to see the following:
FOR EXAMPLE, YOU WILL SEE THAT the 1957 RACER 3 speed is exactly the same bicycle as a sixties and seventies BREEZE 3 speed. The 1970 COLLEGIATE 3 speed is exactly the same as a 1972 SPEEDSTER 3 speed.........The 1970 COLLEGIATE 3 speed is exactly the same as the 1957 RACER 3 get the picture.................................differences are very very minor. The most noteable difference is that pre-1966 SCHWINN models have a headtube and stem that is more industry-standard than the 1966 and later SCHWINN bicycles which feature a STRONGER THICKER WALLED HEADTUBE FOR ADDED STRENGTH. You will also note that the STEP THROUGH ladies frames have a sort of a " j curve" to the top bar from 1966 to Chicago end. The 1965 and prior STEP THROUGH ladies frames have a straight top bar, similar to the shape seen on an old ladies Raleigh Sprite.
THESE EARLY and LATE Schwinn stems are of slightly different sizes and WILL NOT INTERCHANGE due to the later thicker walled headtube requiring a narrower stem. This is not a problem as Millions of the Late style stems were made. The early style stem size is even more common. YOU JUST CANNOT INTERCHANGE THE STEMS. The Bottom Brackets are all the same ONE PIECE American style forged steel "Ashtabula" with #64 caged bearings.
I believe that every one of these 3 speed bicycles of the 26 inch wheel (37 x 597mm) variety has the SCHWINN 46 TEETH Crank Wheel.
Most have the "CLOVER-LEAF" design , although many from the late sixties onward also have the "MAG Style" design for certain year models, etc.
There is also a "reproduction SWEETHEART design" in 46 tooth crank wheel that is being made that you could swap if you so desired.
YOU COULD swap any old/new crank wheel that fits a ONE PIECE style crank if you so desire. Changing teeth size, slightly smaller or slightly larger will impact your gearing........................generally Larger (more teeth) on front crank = higher top speed potential, and less hill climbing ability IF ALL ELSE REMAINS UNCHANGED..................................and vice-versa, Smaller(less teeth) on front crank = better hill climbing ability and less potential for high top speed.
Realistically, you can find many 44 tooth, 48 tooth, 50 tooth, and even an inexpensive aftermarket new chinese made steel 52 tooth crank wheel for any One Piece can also find wheels with thirty something and lower forty tooth configurations......SO YOU CAN POSSIBLY HELP TAILOR YOUR 3 SPEED EXPERIENCE TO A SLIGHT DEGREE if you would like to.

I urge you to scroll through the old Schwinn Catalogs, you have them courtesy of the waterford bikes site:
1971 - 1980:

1961 - 1970:

See also:
Vintage Bicycle Repair - About the Author

Schwinn Serial Numbers and Date Codes

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE 5 speed and 10 speed "Lightweight" SCHWINNS, there are the "Schwinn Lightweight Data Book".....
Google: 1970 - 1974 Schwinn Lightweight Data Book
1975 - 1979 Schwinn Lightweight Data Book
1965 - 1969 Schwinn Lightweight Data Book
1960 - 1964 Schwinn Lightweight Data Book
You'll find web links to view these. These only focus on the ten speed and five speed won't find 3 speed models covered here.

Oh, one more thing ( Lt. Columbo, I know.....)
There was a SUBURBAN three speed offered in 1970 and 1971 ONLY (the Suburban was the 27" wheel (32-630mm) electro-forged Schwinn in Tourist configuration) You see that the SUBURBAN appeared in 1970 as a replacement for the Varsity Tourist. IT WAS AVAILABLE IN ten speed and also in FIVE SPEED version, and there was also a 3 speed version too in 1970 and 1971.
Like the COLLEGIATE 5 speed of 1970 - 1977, the SUBURBAN 5 speed of 1970 - 1977 has SHIMANO rear derailleur and Shimano MODEL J freewheel with 32-14 gear range and a 46 teeth single front crank wheel. These were the first Schwinns to feature SHIMANO which was far superior to any French made HURET or any other European made derailleur or freewheel of the seventies. The '69 Collegiate 5 speed has French made (MODEL F) freewheel with 28-14 gear range and 46 teeth single front crank wheel and the vastly inferior Huret -Schwinn Approved rear derailleur.................The 10 speed SUBURBAN/Varsities/Continentals also have the inferior French made (model F) freewheel and vastly inferior Huret-Schwinn Approved derailleur. THE GT-100 (1970-1973 on Collegiate 5 speed and Suburban 5 speed) is a significantly better rear derailleur than the Huret. The GT-120 (1974-1977 on the Collegiate 5 speed and Suburban 5 speed) is even more Shimano as it has the limit screws located in the most common Shimano location. Both the GT-100 and the later GT-120 are Shimano built for Schwinn and are much better than the Huret derailleurs on Varsities/Continentals/Suburban 10 speeds. There are reasons that the world was "turning Japanese" and by 1977 the Europeans were just about wiped out, was simply that Maeda (SUNTOUR) and SHIMANO were better in every way to even the most expensive European offerings.....superior functionality.....superior engineering.....reliabilty that bear everyone else. You do not want a "H" rear derailleur , or even a fancy "C" rear derailleur on any vintage ten speed if you can ride with a new old stock SUNTOUR rear derailleur or some type of SHIMANO Skylark or Eagle variant. Just as with tape decks, radios televisions, hi-fi stereo, consumer electronics, and automobiles, the Japanese took quality to a level never previously imagined by European or American firms.
Quality of Japanese road bike ten speeds/twelve speeds of the mid seventies through the eighties is as good or better than any other manufacturer across all product line offerings.....

REMEMBER: "Stay Thin, Ride A Schwinn"
Captain Kangaroo knew more than Sgt Schultz did. Some folks are too much like Mr. Haney in their bicycle appraisals.
Enjoy your bike riding, whatever you choose to ride.
It is all about having fun and getting some fresh air and a little bit of exercise too.
The "Peloton" experience isn't bike riding, although some may enjoy do get someone on the screen saying come on peloton riders, keep it up and you got this................................but really get out as in outside on a real bicycle, even if it is a lowly ROSS, JC HIGGINS, COLUMBIA, MONARCH, HUFFY, MURRAY, ALL-PRO, AMF, WESTERN FLYER, ROLLFAST....whatever you've got to get you started and the wheels turning........ ...........then once you see that just as your momma told you in the fifties or sixties, to go outside and play...........realize that it will do you good today as a "mature" adult..................Do get a helmet and wear it.
Then expand your bicycle adventures/experiences however you wish to.................get the new bike that you really want, or the vintage one, or build or assemble a bike the way that you'd like it.................................ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA........The Older You Get, The More Important It Is To NOT ACT Your Age................................that is a saying that Phil O. from Canada on the MGB forum came up with years ago, and it is a darn good one!

Microedger 08-01-19 07:12 AM

Took the words right out of my mouth

Deal4Fuji 08-01-19 07:42 AM

Originally Posted by Microedger (Post 21054683)
Took the words right out of my mouth

The only guy of Bike Forums who can make @canklecat seem terse :) I like your posts and your appreciation of old Schwinn's @Vintage Schwinn - don't change

Dflerick 08-02-19 10:14 PM

Thank you
Thank you! I tried to post pictures, but it wouldnít let me do it until I had ten posts. Appreciate all the info!!

Dflerick 08-02-19 10:19 PM

It was made in Chicago. At Chicago Schwinn. Number G0483 on the frame near the rear wheel. Another number on the opposite side of the frame near the rear wheel says 3114022. Not seeing these two letters like you mentioned.

Metacortex 08-03-19 04:54 PM

Originally Posted by Dflerick (Post 21057621)
It was made in Chicago. At Chicago Schwinn. Number G0483 on the frame near the rear wheel. Another number on the opposite side of the frame near the rear wheel says 3114022. Not seeing these two letters like you mentioned.

The G0483 number on the chainstay indicates the bike was made by Giant (in Taiwan) in April 1983 or 1993. There should be a 4-digit number stamped in the headbadge that would indicate the day and year the bike was built.

wrk101 08-04-19 02:02 PM

+1 Its a Giant, and Chicago plant was closed by then too. To the original old question, no collectors out there for Giant made Collegiates. I donated the last one I had (I got it for free, but still not worth the time and effort as far as resale (in my market). As something to ride and use, go for it!

Dflerick 08-04-19 02:10 PM

Thanks. I like riding on it. Itís still cool to me. Wanted to know what I was working with. Iím so grateful for all the shared expertise!! Thank you for replying!! Have a good evening.🌆

pspin 08-04-19 02:22 PM

Sorry working towards my ten posts as a new member.

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