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ciclimeacci 01-17-17 10:30 PM

Tommasini Super Prestige 'America"?
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Cant find any info on this frame, other than its (obviously) named the 'America' from what little Ive gathered. When I first got it I would have sworn it was a custom paint scheme, but hints from other web posts suggest it was an actual model some mystery year. Can anyone shed any light? What year? How much is a frame like this worth in average condition?

The details: Tommasini Super Prestige, 56cm, original Air fork. I don't think it is SLX, given the lack of internal ribbing, but I might have easily missed them. no stamps or serial numbers on the bottom bracket other than the "T" logo cutout. The original Columbus label is gone. The paint has been touched up in a couple locations, plenty of scrapes and chips, chrome is decent. One small ding on the top tube. Please ignore the plastic headset...Here are some pics. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

daf1009 01-18-17 09:01 AM

Very nice one! For the frame/fork...I would say that it is about $800 or so...but...just a good estimate...

icepick_trotsky 01-18-17 09:12 AM

I had one exactly like that. Sold for much cheaper than $800; guess I should have held out!

ciclimeacci 01-18-17 07:10 PM

Whoa, thanks for the estimate @daf1009. I just cant find any other comps or information. @icepick_trotsky...that is your old frame! I've enjoyed it, thanks again. Built it up a couple different ways in short order and ride it often. Just curious on some details since my search hasn't yielded much.

icepick_trotsky 01-19-17 11:14 AM

I was never able to turn up much info about it @ciclimeacci, but I did find this thread:

ciclimeacci 01-19-17 09:07 PM

Thanks @icepick_trotsky. That looks like the same frame down to some of the paint blemishes. Did you get it from him? Appreciate the link. I found one other, on another forum site that mentions this...

"Tommasini America (obviously) Super Prestige means that it was made with SLX tubing. Most likely early 90s if it has a 130 dropout spread. I think that Colorado Cyclist used to sell them. "

I emailed Tommasini and Colorado Cyclist, them but never heard anything back. Thanks again.

icepick_trotsky 01-20-17 09:00 AM

I bought it from a guy on a Facebook group, so I'm not sure if it's the same mystery frame or not.

ciclimeacci 01-22-17 08:15 PM

Thanks, It sure looks like it. Hopefully I'll find some info. Cheers!

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