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Vinchinzo 01-18-17 06:30 PM

I purchased my Girardengo used in Glendora, California in 1971. I rode it for years, first to and from college then local road trips. Great bike! It's kicked around with me all these years. Now, I'm curious to determine where and what year it was made? How do I begin to identify the year it was built any markings on the frame? Thanks for any advice in figuring out how unique a bicycle I've been pedaling all these years. Vinchinzo

CliffordK 01-18-17 08:03 PM

Start with some actual photos of the bike.

You might not get an exact ID, but perhaps within 5 years based on common features of the time, especially if the bike still most of its original components.

juvela 01-18-17 11:37 PM


Hello Vinchinzo and welcome to the forum! :)

You may wish to explore here:

Calling @Oldairhead


martl 01-19-17 04:40 AM

i do own a couple of girardengos (4, if memory serves) - in fact, 2 of the examples on the website mentioned by juvela ended up in my garage.

I agree, for exact dating pictures would be necessary. Information about that brand is a bit hard to get, somewhat surprisingly, as it seems to have been quite big at some point.
When doing a web search you may come across the information that they were built by inmates of the Allesandria jail - according to what i could find, this happened quite late (around the late 60ies) and it is unsure whether racing bikes ever were a part of that deal - Girardengo, like Bianchi, Atala or Legnano, built bikes of all kinds.

Also be aware that some Girardengos were made for/under label of RIH (Radsport Hamedl) in Vienna, Austria - which is not connected to RIH/Netherlands. As i said, it's a bit confusing...

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