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09box 01-30-17 06:30 PM

Cramerotti Cyclocross Bike..
I found this on Craigslist:

Cramerotti cyclocross bike

I haven't been able to find much info on this brand except they are from Canada. Is this an oddball brand or something worth looking into? The groupset looks good for the price..

T-Mar 01-31-17 06:41 AM

Cramerotti was the house of the La Biciletta stores in Toronto and Vancouver operated by Giuseppe Cramerotti. After selling La Bicicletta, he reopened as Campione Cycles with stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Santa Monics. Cramerotti did a large mail order business and most of the frames were contract manufactured by Billato, one of the leading Italian contract builders along with BMZ. The frames were typically well built and good value.

The subject bicycle is definitely a cyclocross frame. The lack of eyelets would prevent it making an effective commuter or touring bicycle if that is what you are thinking. The components are this century but the aluminum frame may be slightly older. The dent doesn't look too bad in the photos, as there doesn't appear to be any sharp creases. The seller is certainly honest, as that dent is in a spot that would be easily overlooked by most buyers.

Cyclocross bicycles in thus size can be very hard to find, so if this is what you want, it's worth a visit.

09box 01-31-17 12:22 PM

I don't commute or tour so it would just be something to ride around. I emailed the seller and its an aluminum frame. I posted something over in the gravel bike section and someone pointed out that the dent and it being an aluminum frame might be something to keep an eye on..

zukahn1 01-31-17 01:02 PM

The dent doesn't look to bad in the pics for small Aluminum framed Cycelcross bike with mid level components the price is fairly good if everything works good. If you check it out make sure the brifters work good the Tiagra stuff can be problematic and costly to fix if worn out or broken.

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