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keidal 04-15-17 01:57 PM

Colnago frame / rear brake cable
Purely out of curiosity, can anyone tell me when Colnago introduced routing the rear brake cable through the top of the top tube please - and why ?
Surely rain will run down the brake outer cable and into the top tube, where it is trapped !

howsteepisit 04-15-17 03:38 PM

Planned obsolescence?

Chombi1 04-16-17 01:10 AM

Basically a fad in the 80's that went with the effort to "clean up" the frames aerodynamically.
Cables were tucked into frame tubes were possible, away from the air stream.
I guess we can't really call doing so just a fad, as modern bikes today, have the same thing. although they do not have the same top tube corrosion cracking problems with such on steel bikes from the late 80's.

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