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largefather 05-17-17 06:47 PM

Looking for more info about this mid 80's Norco Monterey SL
I have a Norco Monterey SL from the mid 80's that I'm looking to sell, I took a few photos but I can't link them because I just made this account. The serial number under the frame is SE638547, the innertubes are absolutely shredded and I'm not sure how the tires have held up in the 20 years since the bike was last rode, otherwise there's a few scratches on the frame but still in fairly good condition for a 30 year old bike.

Is it possible to find the exact year from the serial code? If I were to sell it as is, how much could I expect?

randyjawa 05-18-17 03:24 AM

For us to offer appraisal information, we need some pictures of the bike, and we need to know what area you live in(location has considerable impact on a vintage bicycle's value).

The Norco SL is not a highly sought after bicycle and its value will be reflected by that. You can come pretty close to understanding how to figure out how old the bike is. Have a look at How Old Is My Bicycle? and you should be able to come with-in a year of its manufacture.

As I recall, I sold this Norco Monterey Sl for $150.00 CND...

Hope that is helpful.

T-Mar 05-18-17 05:37 AM

The serial number can be reverse engineered several ways, with 1985 and 1986 being the most likely. Price is going to be highly dependent on cosmetic, mechanical and local market conditions, so it can fluctuate significantly. You can post pictures to a photo hosting site and post the addresses.

largefather 05-19-17 12:46 AM

Sorry I took a while, heres two photos
I can definitelly take more too if need be.

randyjawa 05-19-17 02:08 AM

Picture assist and a nice looking bike, however; the steering stem if fitted to high and spells danger, both to the bike and the rider...

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