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darker 05-18-17 09:38 PM

Lotus Classique ice blue 1980

I recently bought a lotus classique ice blue 1980 bike with 600ex Arabesque groupset. Im curious to know what this bike goes for price wise?
The frame has a few chips and rust but is still in great condition. The parts are immaculate and just need a bit of a clean.
I reckon its a 1980 model due to the serial code of KH01234 is this a rare bike?


darker 05-18-17 10:06 PM

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The bike

daf1009 05-20-17 07:33 AM

In current shape, I would say about $150

bikemig 05-20-17 07:39 AM

I think it's worth more than $150. The leather saddle alone can bring $75 or so from craigslist. The bike is dirty and needs to be cleaned up before sale.

Better pics would help the valuation. I'd keep the pedals and the saddle (they don't add much if anything to the value). Find some cheap pedals and saddle to sell with the bike.

The bike is worth $200 ish. A lot depends on where you live. In my mid sized city in the midwest, $200 is about right. More if you live in a larger city or a "hot" bike market.

zukahn1 05-20-17 08:02 AM

I would agree that it is $150-200 as presented and not a very rare based on the mas production Japanese serial number so several thousand or more nearly identical bikes were made and sold. That said it is a very nice basic road bike that should clean up nice and make a great all around rider.

ramzilla 05-20-17 11:40 AM

That might go for close to $300 in a super hot market. I wouldn't be interested myself until it got closer to $150.

darker 06-15-17 03:33 PM

Cheers for the update. Does anyone know what type of tubing the 1980 first generation Lotus classique is? I know they used tange champion #1 #2 for the second gen but I can't find any info about the tubing apart from its double butted on this model.

Drausus 06-15-17 04:06 PM

This should help you out a bit: Classique

Nice bike! I think $200 is a great price point to start with, but as others mentioned, in a hot market it may get more.

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