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Shrevvy 05-31-17 06:59 AM

1980s Colnago value
I would like to find a Colnago for myself. I don't have a specific bike to value, but am wondering about the hierarchy of the 1980s bikes. What is the top of the line? Is is the Superissimo? Mexico? Were these sold as complete bikes? I see a wide variation in the components on bikes for sale.

Ebay is little help. The ask prices vary widely on Colnagos and I can't discern the reason for most of the variation. Sold eBay prices are not much better. Should I value a Supersissimo frame (for example) for $x and components for $y (fully understanding that these bikes can be worth more broken up than complete). I assume a mid-80s bike would be C Record or Super Record?

I know this is a pretty wide open question, and I am not looking for an exact value. I'm just trying to get context as I start to look for Colnago.

Bianchigirll 05-31-17 09:45 AM

This may be in the wrong forum since you not asking for an appraisal of a specific bike. @Drillium Dude is likely your best source for Colnago info

repechage 05-31-17 10:32 PM

If I was looking for an 80's Colnago... I would look for one in the Saronni red world champion paint scheme.
Campagnolo "Super Record reduced" steel pedal axles and bottom bracket, classic.

Drillium Dude 05-31-17 10:48 PM

Some of these bikes came fully-built, sometimes they were sold frame/fork only. You could get them from the Bikecology and Pedal Pushers catalogs, too - fully-built to your specs or frame/fork only.

IMHO, you can't go wrong with either a Super, Mexico, Nuovo Mexico or Superissimo. From this same timeframe, you can also get your jollies checking out the Profil CX and Arabesque, but you've gotta have a pretty fat pocket if you want to play.

Depending on your aesthetic preference, you might want to go Super or Mexico as the paint/chrome was elegant but understated. Later Nuovo Mexico, Superissimos and Supers got more chrome, fade/onion-bag paint jobs, etc, thus being a bit flashier. Whatever floats one's boat :)

Values are all over the map, doing a quick check. I haven't compared prices on Ebay for Colnago frames/bikes in a long, long time. I'll say this, though: get the best condition one you can for your money. Don't mess around with a frame you have to restore; in the end it will cost you as much or more than what it would cost to find it on Ebay in NOS or near-NOS condition.


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