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b00gie 07-10-17 06:38 PM

Haro Extreme vintage MTB valuation
Hi again everyone, I come seeking guidance on appraising this vintage mountain bike. I am more of a 10 speed guy myself and already have a mountain bike that fits me perfectly and don't need another. I've linked below in imgur with details but will include some basic info here in case you're on mobile.

Haro Extreme Mountain Bike - Album on Imgur

It's a 17.5" aluminum frame with a mix of XT/XTR/Sachs with some neat anodized parts and what look to be pretty decent wheels, white industries rear hub and blue ringle front hub. I'm not sure what type of front shock it has. Everything seems to be era appropriate except for the tires and the newer grip shifters. It's 24 speeds, pretty lightweight, and generally in nice condition. I haven't bothered to clean it up yet as it was clearly stored indoors and maybe it's next owner wanted that 'condo fresh' purchase.

Please let me know if you have any idea what it's worth! I hope not to have to part it out. As always thanks for your collective knowledge!!


b00gie 07-11-17 09:34 AM

If this is more appropriate for somewhere else, do let me know! I am very thankful for any expertise someone can share.

KonAaron Snake 07-12-17 07:08 AM

Not an expert, but older aluminum, older suspension and older MTBs in general are not worth much. What value there is would be in the parts. As a complete bike, maybe $200? Maybe?

zukahn1 07-12-17 09:00 AM

Looks to be a mid 1990's ex model with a bunch of none original components. In nice but heavily ridden shape with some non matching components I would say $300 if the fork is in great shape and all the components work good. If there a bit rough $200. As for part out likely not worth it considering the components are nice but nothing special and a bit rough.

b00gie 07-13-17 01:05 PM

Thanks for your help! I'll price it to move.

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