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NihilistDad 07-18-17 05:43 PM

Trek 470 unknown year
Howdy guys I'm trying to get a new bike and I found this in my local Craigslist listings:

h ttps://

Is this asking too much? Idk how reliable bicycle blue book is, but if it's accurate this guy is asking a lot! Or is the price right for what nice condition it seems to be in? Thanks! Pics in the link.
Don't forget to fix the first h in the link by removing the space.

NihilistDad 07-18-17 06:43 PM

Bump :(

zukahn1 07-18-17 07:31 PM

The bike is 1995 basic model the price is a bit high unless the 1st gen brifters function perfectly which they usually don't. As presented I would say about $200-250 for a local CL sale as presented.

NihilistDad 07-18-17 07:39 PM

Thanks so much for the input!

bargainguy 07-18-17 09:28 PM

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I just sold this '95 for $275 with the brifters fully lubed & flushed, tuned up, wear items replaced.

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