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Norbi4u 07-25-17 12:42 AM

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Is this bike any good? what's it worth?

juvela 07-25-17 03:50 AM


This WiNORA is an asian produced German brand. If for example there were five models in the range this would be number three. The company's utility models are/were made in Germany.


Chombi1 07-25-17 05:30 AM

But do I see early DA hubs on that wheelset?
Kinda recognize those oil port cliips......

randyjawa 07-25-17 05:31 AM

We sell bicycles, very similar to the one the OP has shown, for between $80 and $100 CND and that is only when fully refurbished. We sold the pink one on the extreme left for $80.00 CND and it was all rebuilt...

If you get the bike for less than $100, be aware that it will need some work to make it safe and dependable to ride. If you cannot do the work yourself, figure on another $100. If you plan it to buy and resell for a profit, you won't make much. My opinion, of course.

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