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lukepro 08-11-17 05:25 AM

Bianchi Mega Pro L
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hi, got a frameset in mint condition. Only one thing cant sort out. What does "winter" on rear traingle" stands for? How would you value this set?

Bianchigirll 08-11-17 12:03 PM

Is it painted on or just vynal stickers? I am guessing a shop or previous owner. Was it built up?

lukepro 08-11-17 01:07 PM

"winter" is painted. It was campagnolo mirage 9s (brazed on rear and T front), and vento 16hpw wheels

Bianchigirll 08-12-17 08:18 AM

It's an odd place for it, but I am thinking a previous owners name.

lukepro 09-02-17 05:51 AM

maybe it is, how would you value this frameset?

DMC707 09-02-17 07:48 AM

$150 -- normally id say 75-100, but am giving it a bump for being celeste

Its not old enough to be "vintage" yet, its just old. Aluminum has a limited market as well-- bike would probably fetch more complete than parted out in this case, maybe 350

Bianchigirll 09-02-17 01:15 PM

What size is that? Is the BB shell threaded?

lukepro 09-04-17 02:45 AM

its 55, and BB is threaded

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