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Reiviary 08-11-17 06:59 AM

Ross Compact bicycle- value?
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Hey everyone,

So I'm not sure if it's vintage, but my family had received this Ross Compact bicycle a few years ago from a friend. Nice looking city bike, but we'd lived in the country, so it wasn't ever used, but stored in the garage to keep it out of the elements.

Having moved to Salt Lake, we recently took it in to get any issues fixed, since we noticed the tires were starting to split and flake, and there was some minor issues with the handbrakes; spent $100 on the tune up as of a few months ago.

Since I don't use it, I wanted to know what it may be valued at. I had heard that eBay values aren't exactly the place to reference, since these are generally overpriced on there, so I was hoping maybe you all could help out with a more accurate price?

Thanks so much! :)
Image attached of bike; can try to answer more questions if you have any. I don't know much else regarding what model it is, or where the friend had gotten it from.

KonAaron Snake 08-11-17 08:32 AM

I'd say maybe around $50-$60? Maybe less? Shipping it on ebay would definitely be worth far more than the bike.

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