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Samlaz1 08-15-17 08:40 AM

Vintage Zeus
I have a vintage zeus 10 speed Super Alfa 71 and would like to know what it is worth

Bianchigirll 08-15-17 09:12 AM

Originally Posted by Samlaz1 (Post 19793478)
I have a vintage zeus 10 speed Super Alfa 71 and would like to know what it is worth

Good Morning, Welcome to the forums. It could be worth a lot to someone. Can you tell us more about it? Any idea what the frame material is? Reynolds? Columbus? What kind of components are on it? Do you have any pics?

3alarmer 08-15-17 09:27 AM

...most of the stuff I've seen from Zeus with the word Alfa on it has been low or middle of the road, but it would really requires some good photos to say for sure. They're uncommon here where I live, and I've only worked on one, seen a couple of others.

3alarmer 08-15-17 09:29 AM

Zeus "Alpha"

crank_addict 08-15-17 01:37 PM

Without much description, condition, pictures $100. Unique enough to perhaps capture some interest, ride and enjoy for what it is. Lower end with components on par with Campy Velox.

Spain's Zeus company was fascinating in that they made complete bikes from frames to components. Another from that era was the UK maker Lambert / Viscount. Really amazing with all that R&D, tooling, manufacturing cost against steep competition.

juvela 08-16-17 11:17 AM


Possible the Alfa Super 71 reference is to the cycle's brakeset. Zeus models prior to the ~1973 launch of the 2000 brakeset came with Alfa centrepull brakes. So if subject machine predates that launch it could be a top of the line model for all we know.


3alarmer 08-16-17 03:12 PM


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