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tonycervero 08-16-17 02:23 PM

1967 Schwinn 5 Speed Fastback Stingray Bicycle
Vintage 5 speed Fastback in "Near Mint" condition. All parts are original and working properly. Was purchased for Christmas 1967 in a wintery climate ... and then the boy was confined to a wheelchair in the early spring - before he could ride it. Has been cared for and carefully maintained. The green color paint still sparkles. All the chrome looks new. The bike looks like it was new. What is it worth

thinktubes 08-16-17 09:55 PM

Back stories are good, but pictures are better.

Metacortex 08-16-17 10:41 PM

It's worth $100 without pictures. Near mint? All original? Like this one?:

Bike4Life1 12-04-17 07:29 PM

Question... my fastback (original owner).. has a slick on the back.. was that stock from the factory?

Metacortex 12-05-17 12:11 AM

For some years yes. Post a clear picture of the frame serial number and we may be able to answer more accurately.

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