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Carap 08-18-17 06:24 PM

Help Identifying Bike
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Can anyone help me identify this bike? My sister bought it a few years go in Germany and there are no identifying markings besides an "m" on the top of the fork.

Bianchigirll 08-18-17 07:05 PM

Hello and welcome to the forums. That M is actually on the Headtube / Downtube lug. I think the frame was built by Moser bicycles. Kind of interesting can you tell us more about the components or maybe post a few pics of them? The crankset looks interesting and very light.

zukahn1 08-18-17 08:35 PM

80's to early 90's Franseco Moser would seem to be a match really nice frame with slightly oversized stiff chain stays and over the top paint and semi exotic parts.

Carap 08-19-17 12:20 AM

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Thank you! These are the other pictures attached? Is this bike worth anything?

zukahn1 08-19-17 08:55 AM

Yes it is worth something I would say $400 or so most of the value for the frame set. As for selling the quad forward tri style bars and small size limit market but mean the right buyer well pay this bike. If selling I wouldn't change anything other than fix inflate the tires and put some pedals on it so it can be test road.

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