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Found a 1984 Colnago Super for $10,000

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Found a 1984 Colnago Super for $10,000

Yes, $10,000. I'm not thinking about purchasing it, but just wanted to see what you all had to say about it. Is this bike actually worth $10,000?

Edit: Forgot to mention it's NOS

Picture album in case link goes down
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It is hard to say. If it is truly NOS (ridden once?), and in cosmetically perfect condition, then there may be someone crazy enough to buy it, although I'm still not quite sure what I'd put on a price tag.

I would be interested in something that I could ride and enjoy, so I'm not interested in something that would lose 90% of its value the first day I take it out for a spin.

By the mid 80's, I'd start looking at the Colnago Mexico, Colnago Superissimo, and Colnago Master. The Super puts it pretty low down Colnago's offerings of the era.

OH... the FLITE was apparently introduced in 1990, so something doesn't quite add up with factory NOS story.
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I just thought it was an interesting ad since I've never seen a vintage bike on Craigslist listed that high. I thought maybe it's a really rare bike in almost new condition.
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Wow, talk about optomistic pricing! That's at least five times reasonable retail.

No driveside pic, either.
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Yeah that seller is way off on that one, but hey, there are a lot of people out there these days with way more money than sense. Those hoods look like they have more than one ride in them IMO. As an aside, what do you folks think of the cable routing? I tend to cross mine over the stem.
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The bar tape is dirty, the saddle isn't stock and the front rim appears to have brake wear; looks ridden to me. The group appears to be Campagnolo Victory, hardly something I would expect on a Colnago Super.
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Seems crazy but I think most of us mere mortals don't really understand price sensitivity among obsessives / luxury item consumers. It's probably worth it to somebody, somewhere.
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There is a lot not to like about this ad even though given the price it is difficult to believe that anyone would take this ad seriously. Sellers puff their products but this goes far beyond blowing a bit of smoke.

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.'s in Santa Barbara. That should tell you something right there.
Looks like it might be my size though...............hmmmmm ?
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What a crock man ! 10 grand???? total bull, not worth of even conversing any further, LMAO
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$10K for SL and Victory? Pass
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The ad should read something like this: Colnago with very low miles, $1,500.00. The bike was hanging at my _________.
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Someone who has a $10,000 bike for sale would know how to pose photos of it. Someone who has a $2000 bike and knows it's worth $2000 would know how to pose photos of it. It's just a fishing expedition by someone who doesn't know what they have. There's a 1960's Raleigh Gran Sport on C/L near me for $2300.
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I bought a new edition Colnago Master, it is equipped with a new Campa 11 speed gruppo. I paid a heck of a lot less than $10k for it.
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Sure, if it was Ernesto's personal bike, maybe..... or had a big pro race winning history.....
Or if they only made just one Super......
Guy is not really serious about selling off his mint Super. Most likely just fishing for interest/reaction.....
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It looks like people are asking 1000-1400 for a Colnago Victory used in decent shape. If this was truly NOS then maybe 2000-2500. The victory model is not that desirable.
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The seller is just looking to try to raise the cash to move to a better part of town.
A keystroke error? Meant $1,000?
Folk can ask anything they want.
I was recently obliquely offered a pretty rare bike, essentially my size, a favorite color, it would fit well in my collection.
I avoided negotiations.
The deal is there are probably only two others who MAY have any real interest in this bike, maybe only one other who could come up with a reasonable offer. So, if purchased, the likelihood of recouping the investment is low.
Gambling with a few hundred dollars is containable, in the multi thousands... Reason prevails.
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