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WGB 11-25-17 02:40 PM

Suntour bike
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When I check on line for Suntour bikes you get a million hits because of Suntour components, even on Bike Forums. I suspect it was an attempt by Suntour to see if it could make components and sell bikes too.

This one looks reasonably clean and has had it's bars replaced, seat is done. 100 Canadian so $75 US

Looks like standard department store bike but perhaps better quality than most because of Suntours involvement.

Just wondering because promised a friend I'd look for something cheap that might work for the winter to see if he likes biking. looks like 24-25 inch frame

juvela 11-25-17 04:24 PM


Size looks closer to 26"-27". Asian manufacturers of production machines began offering 26 1/2" (nominal) size by the late 1970's. This is a bicycle for a basketball center.


Don Buska 11-25-17 06:17 PM

The only Suntour branded bikes I've ever seen are those custom built for catalog pictures and used for trade shows. Components on the bike you show appear to be rather low end. Is that Suntour decal in your picture the only one on the bike? I could see a low-end maker putting on the Suntour decal to add some cred to the product.

They did offer some frames (LITAGE series) in their 1994 catalog which were all aluminum, after the combined SR-Suntour company formed. Although Suntour is my favorite vintage components company, I haven't followed their SR-Suntour years much as it became more-and-more MTB related.

What else is Suntour beside the derailleur? Hubs? What model derailleurs are those?

T-Mar 11-25-17 11:05 PM

Agreed, it's not a SunTour bicycle. An obvious conversion from drop bars and racing saddle. It's probably a 27" frame. It's upper entry level and appears to be early 1980s. The SunTour derailleurs appear to be Vx models, with the rear being the S variant. If you pick it up, I may be able to identify the manufacturer and year from the serial number.

WGB 11-26-17 08:42 AM

Thanks for info!

I am just separating the junk from the potential good buys to save driving. If this had potential I'd have visited but I won't be driving over.

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