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Insidious C. 01-05-18 01:37 AM

Value? 1980 Trek 710 F/F
Edit: Just to be clear this post is not an attempt to sell this frame.

I hope to sell this frame (not here, not now) and I need help setting a fair asking price. Frame is 21". Serial number 000519 indicates it's a 710, a light touring frame with butted 531 tubes. It is straight, no dents and very little rust, but a significant amount of cosmetic flaws (chain stays especially). Paint is original but only a few flecks of decals remain. I will remove the bottom bracket before I list the frame. So I'm looking for value of frame and fork with Tange Levine headset. Also interested in opposing or concurring IDs as I am no Trek expert.

nesteel 01-05-18 09:15 AM

Current market, $150-$175.

shelbyfv 01-05-18 10:54 AM

Really nice bike. I'd say a few hundred on Ebay if it can be established it really is a 531 frame.

wrk101 01-05-18 12:35 PM

Looks like a 531 label on that fork, which is good news.

Agree with John, and that is on ebay, where you will have to pack and ship, and of course, pay all the fees.

A little rust under the paint on that chain stay, I'd need to probe a little more.

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