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Narhay 01-08-18 01:43 PM

Interesting LeJeune

The decals look a bit like LeJeune's higher end bikes with Tipo tubular wheels although the rest of it looks like a low end frankenbike. Not sure if those are stamped dropouts. What are your thoughts on the frame?

Contrast to this:

The rear dropouts have a hole in this one, doesn't appear in the ad. Fork has an extra cutout. Lugs appear plainer.

juvela 01-08-18 02:25 PM


Lugset is the usual Prugnat 62/d.

There were some of these frames with stamped ends which were constructed with three tubes 531. There appears to be the vestige of what could be a Reynolds transfer near the top of the seat tube.

Pillar size would be a guide to that. If quality plain gauge would expect a 26.2mm size. If hi-tensile one would expect something like a 25.4mm size.

Brakes have been changed from centrepull to sidepull.

Thinking something like 1969-71 for a date range.

Will await the observations of our resident Professeur de Lejuene-Sauvage: @CV-6.


CV-6 01-08-18 04:27 PM

For starters, the seller is wrong. The brakes are not original equipment as one can readily see the hangers for Mafac center pulls. It might be 3 tube 531 and the stamped ends, as pointed out by juvela, do not preclude it being so. The markings and paint scheme are reminiscent of upper echelon models but appeared on just about anything in the line. Seller clearly thinks he has something as he is trolling for offers.

Narhay 01-08-18 04:59 PM

Thank you. I contacted the seller and received more photos.

Stamped dropouts
Claw hanger Suntour VX
Suntour V front derailleur
Stronglight 3 arm 6 bolt cottered crank
Nuovo Tipo tubular wheelset

I was hoping for a diamond in the rough but it appears to not be the case.

juvela 01-09-18 01:41 PM


Frame looks to be one down from the Professional model and one up from the base.

If my size and near me abode would be interested for the frame.

Shifting will be touchy operating those Maeda mechs with the drums on the Freres Huret shift levers.

Wonder if wheels original.

Clearances relatively large. Makes me ponder if it was made for 27" wheel.


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