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Tracyhergert 01-10-18 12:53 PM

Vintage Thrill, what year?
Serial number F9D00007. Taiwan. Chromoly.

1974, 1989?

ramzilla 01-10-18 09:21 PM

I make a conservative estimate of value at around three billion Bitcoins. Wazooooooo!!!!!!!

thinktubes 01-11-18 06:46 AM

I can't see the pictures, I guess the thrill is gone.

TugaDude 01-11-18 11:36 AM

Probably '89 guessing from the limited info. Don't think there was a Thrill in the 70's. I'm assuming you mean a Fuji Thrill.


Tracyhergert 01-17-18 07:45 AM

Didn't start producing bikes in Taiwan until the 80's, so 1989.

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