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everydaybiker 01-18-18 08:53 AM

Anyone have info on this bike?
The Mister Cycle - 6093 Miyata Racer - Vintage 3 Speed
All original: planned to restoring but no extra time. Head badge says The Mister Cycle Registered Trademark on a metal emblem. Has a Mesinger spring loaded seat / saddle with wear. Complete with the original headlight which is powered by a generator that flips down to make contact with the front wheel. Michelin 28 x 1 1/2 Zigzag made in England. 21" frame. There's obviously some heavy rust and it does need to be restored but rare find.

TugaDude 01-18-18 09:32 AM

Pics help folks with dating information...

TugaDude 01-18-18 09:47 AM

Very similar...

wrk101 01-18-18 09:49 AM

Where does it say Miyata on it? Rare does not equal valuable. Condition trumps everything.

Given condition with lots of rust, $25. Vintage 3 speeds have minimal value, buyers prefer Raleighs over most other brands.

Is the rear hub Sturmey Archer or Shimano 333?

TugaDude 01-18-18 09:56 AM

Rear hub may have a date code on it.

Bianchigirll 01-18-18 10:02 AM

Are you buying or selling? Looks like a basic 3spd that need a lot of elbow grease and a little grease.

If you’re buying you might be able to get it for $20-30 if your selling you should ask $50 and take the first $30 offer.

everydaybiker 01-18-18 10:44 AM

Thanks everyone
That CL ad is my grandfathers bike.

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