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tompetch 01-22-18 11:02 PM

85? Bianchi Mondiale
I have this Bianchi Mondiale frameset that I’m thinking of selling. I know it was one rung down from the top-of-the-line Specialissima and this one seems to be from either ‘85 or ‘86. And there ends my knowledge.
Frame is 54.5cm square. Chrome chain stay. Fully chromed underneath the original celeste paint. Columbus decal isn’t legible - likely SL? Campagnolo dropouts. Paint has lots of chips.
What would be a fair price to list it for on the old auction bay or similar?

Bianchigirll 01-23-18 05:57 AM

I am not sure about the Canadian market but there was no “Specialisma” in ‘85 or ‘86. I don’t have access to my catalogs but other than the ‘87 Specialisma X4 from ‘87 I don’t there was at all.

Judging by eagle and over style of the crown I think this is an ‘86 or ‘87, but I think the ‘86 only came in a Metallic Celeste color so this may be a ‘87. The tubeset should Bianchi’s typical Superset design an$ a mix of SL and SP for DT and chain stays.

Spaghetti Legs 01-23-18 10:18 AM

There is much more expertise here than mine (like BG above) but I’m getting an ‘87 feel from this, especially with the fork crown. Fork sticker is Columbus SL. SL will have spiral ridges inside the fork steerer and no ridges when you look or feel inside the seat tube and down tube at the bottom bracket.

I think with the Celeste and the pantographing, yours will be at the higher end of the Bianchi desirability scale. The market is sluggish now, so if you put it on eBay as an auction, I would not recommend putting up for less than you want opening bid, because it seems like auctions are getting only 1-2 bids. I would try $400 BIN + shipping and see how it goes. The Campy headset is worth $30-$50 and that Campy branded spacer is like catnip to us Campy-holics making the headset worth a little more.

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