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frankmosqueda 01-23-18 02:14 PM

Giant Prodigy
I think its a 93. 700x38c tires. Shimano Exage 500 groupset. model mtb. how do i tell what year?

cb400bill 01-23-18 08:40 PM

What is the serial number? How many speed is it? What color is it?

lubloi 02-09-18 09:16 AM

It's difficult to find information online about old Giants. I have a Terrago from (I think) 1993, but when I googled it online I found just a couple of pictures, no specs or old Giant catalogues.

T-Mar 02-09-18 02:25 PM

Welcome to the forums. It should be a 1992 model, as that was the only year for a hybrid version of the Prodigy with Exage 500. Prior to that, it was an ATB and Exage 500 was dropped for 1993. However, as previously noted, this can be confirmed via the serial number, which will tell the year and month of the frame manufacture.

zukahn1 02-09-18 05:07 PM

I would agree on the dating being 92/93 based on the combination of 700c wheels and Exage 500 components 700c wheeled cross and MTBS started being offered in 91/92 and the Exage 500 compents wen't out of production in 93 and were gone from the market by 94. As for value on one of these while great basic riders and commuters not a lot of value only $150-200 for one in excellent condition. These however are great candidates for someone who wants to make a drop bar conversion with large tires.

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