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OutnBack 01-24-18 11:02 AM

Mongoose Mixtie w/ Tange MTB Chro Mo
Will load photos later today, but has anyone come across a Mongoose Mixtie w/ Tange MTB Chro Mo frame? Looks like an early to mid-90's bike w/ 700 c alloy wheels, Sun Tour X-1 front & rear derailleurs & Shimano cantilever brakes.

wrk101 01-24-18 11:46 AM

I had one. No one wants 25 year old Mongoose bikes, so itís all about parts. Now some of the 1980s BMX have value, and some of the early 1980s chrome MTBs were interesting (but not valuable either).

Iím guessing yours is a hybrid.

TugaDude 02-02-18 08:33 PM

Not a big deal but it is not mixtie, but mixte. French for his/hers or unisex. It is pronounced meekst. One syllable.

Bianchigirll 02-03-18 07:32 AM

I bet it is a Faux Mixte.

zukahn1 02-04-18 11:30 AM

To determine value we will really need to see some pics because best on the description it could be either a step through MTB not worth much or twin top tube frame set which would be worth a bit more. I do agree with the others that most Mongoose bikes made after they switched production to overseas in the late 80's aren't worth much only $200-250 tops for nicer models in excellent condition.

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