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Chukbacca 03-22-18 08:15 PM

Univega Viva Sport
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Hi all...

I was given this frame, wheels, and a box of components today; a buddy of mine realized he had way too many projects and I was glad to accept. I'm more of a riding my mountain bike of the road kind of guy, but the thought of (re)building a bike intrigued me, my buddy swears this bike should fit me perfectly (I'm 6'-5").

I don't have a need return this bike to stock (although I'm not opposed to it), and I don't have a need for high end components as I don't typically surround myself with other cyclists (I'm not showing off); as a matter of fact, I'd almost rather just find cost-effective used parts (think $100 c&v challenge mentality). I'm not super keen on the shifter location, as I'm not super keen on drop bars; I do want to maintain having multiple gears.

The bottom bracket definitely needs love, I haven't opened it up, but it's not smooth. I'll need to get the crankset; I am hopeful I can get something decent/reasonable at the local co-op. The wheels have sew-up tires; I just want a tube/tire, can these wheels accommodate the change? I think there are two suntour derailluers, a duraace and a shimano 200 (I think they might match up to the shifters)

The serial number is 0E28935 with 65 underneath sideways; if someone happens to know more about the vintage and cares to share, that would be way cool.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and input!
Have a great night!

Insidious C. 03-22-18 09:55 PM

It does look about the right size for a 6-5 rider. A nice start on parts too. The wheels probably have quality hubs but the easiest thing is to trade for clinchers rather than replacing rims. Sell or trade the parts you don't use and you just might be under budget. Should be a fun bike and a fun project.

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