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Trek 500 Series

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Trek 500 Series

Hi. Iím looking to buy a vintage steel road bike. Iíve been looking at Schwinn Tempos and PDGs (53 cm if you have any to sell). However, I came across a Trek 500 series bike with Suntour Cyclone components and Reynolds 501 butted tubing. It seems in good shape but just a little scuffed up and dirty. Any idea what a reasonable value is and info in general? Thanks!

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Need more info on the Trek. Probably mid 80s vintage I'd guess. Lots of models in the series depending upon year.

Photos would nail it down quickly. Remember that any older bike will likely need some maintenance and possibly parts. Use that as a negotiating tool.

If the Trek is in decent shape, value is probably around $200.00. Some depends on your location, the exact model and overall condition.

BTW, I really like Tempos, they make for very nice riders.
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No photo, no FMV opinion.

In all likelihood, the 30+/- year old bike will need a complete overhaul and replacement of most consumables, which would add about $200-$225 if you have a bike shop perform the works. If you do your own maintenance and repairs, figure $75 with new tires.

You would save a few beans by finding one that is in ready-to-ride condition, like the Elance below.
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There is one matching your description going for $149 (collectible tag) at my local thrift store.
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Ok itís a Trek 560 and itís dark purple with yellow bar tape. The rims say ďSansin JapanĒ and the shifters and derailer say ďSuntour CycloneĒ. Iíll try to figure out how to post pics next. Thanks.
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I had a 460, just a step down in ranking to the 560 in top riding condition and care that I sold for 260.00 4 years ago. Possibly could have asked more but who knows. Treks are popular and somewhat sought after, certainly high profile name bike that has an excellent ride quality. The 560 is a nice racer.
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I had an '85 500 that I absolutely loved. Replaced it after getting hit by a car and replaced with a Paramount which I also love but the Trek holds a special place. In a 58 frame I can say its an awesome ride.
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I bought this Trek 410 recently for $175. Most all the components were original and in good working order - not sure about the wheels. The 500 series is a step up fro this - so I would say somewhere around $225 in my area.

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Originally Posted by Mdl View Post
Ok it’s a Trek 560 and it’s dark purple with yellow bar tape.
That makes it a 1985 model.

Catalog link:

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18in Trek 500 series

Hi I recently picked up a Trek 500 series that's in fairly good condition. The bike is an 18in frame I've tried to find info on it but have been coming up with nothing really. My main question is how common are these 18in frames?
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18 inch are not common. Finding information on older Treks is easier than any other brand out there. Go to the vintage Trek site to learn more.

Note, uncommon does not mean super valuable. In the end, a 500 series is likely going to go to a rider, not a collector. Size fits very few people, but if you find that person, they will typically pay a premium as finding that size is difficult too.

Double check your size measurement as Trek measured center to top. There is a good chance you have a 19 inch frame there. Very few vintage Trek road bikes came in the 18 inch size. Most came in a 19 inch size or above.
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