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RickD67 07-08-18 03:38 PM

All original 1986 Raleigh Grand Prix
SO I have a near mint low mile Grand Prix that I had in storage for the last 3 decades and I think I want to pass it on to someone who want to enjoy it, I kept it all these years because I just love the colors and design on this bike and I rode it to high school. Everything is freshly overhauled and perfect on this bike. What is it worth?

plonz 07-09-18 05:13 AM

Such a cool bike. The Grand Prix was on the low rung of Raleigh’s USA racing line up and there are still quite a few available out there.

I see Grand Prixs typically bringing $150-$175. Obviously condition is what makes yours unique and more valuable. I’m going to swag $250-$300 on this one.

lostarchitect 07-09-18 09:26 AM

Looks great! In the summer in NYC I think I could easily get $300 for this.

RickD67 07-09-18 12:01 PM

I will probably ask 350 and drop to 300 then

Bikerider007 07-09-18 12:17 PM

Great color combo. See why you held onto. I agree with above. Clean and original are at a premium.

T-Mar 07-09-18 12:23 PM

FYI, it's not a 1986 model, as it has Shimano New 105 components which were released for the 1987 model year. I'd probably be looking at $200-$250, given that it's Reynolds 531 only in the main triangle.

Glennsmile 08-03-18 07:19 AM

Hello RickD67RickD67. I am interested in your Rental Grand Prix (1986/1987). What size is the frame? Is it still for sale? What is your asking price? Glennsmile

Glennsmile 08-03-18 07:26 AM

Typo errors
Hi again RickD67. Sorry for the typo errors. I meant "Raleigh" (not Rental). Glennsmile

RickD67 08-05-18 06:35 PM

Where do you live Glennsmile?

Glennsmile 12-30-18 02:01 PM

To: RickD67
Sorry, I lost track of this thread from July 2018 regarding your 1986/1987 Raleigh Grand Prix. This is Glennsmile. To answer your question, I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (02632). I presume by now, that you have probably sold that bike. What size was the frame? I am still interested though, if it might be available?

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