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mcm44 08-18-18 09:59 AM

How to value NOS?
Apologies if Im in the wrong section, but I hope to find some guidance on how to price or value an older but never used, just assembled, wih box, papers, etc bike?
A bike is for sale in Craigslist, while not vintage it is 7 years old. A 2011 Masi Corsa. Poster has shown pics still boxed as well as the fully assembled bike, with tags hanging on the bats, showroom new. He is asking $750, the same price as original MSRP (according to one bluebook site)
Is this the fair starting point?
Highest used value is shown as $178 but that doesnt make sense as bike isnt used.
Any guidance is appreciated

Aubergine 08-18-18 10:57 AM

I consider NOS to mean, effectively, that the bike (or whatever) is in good condition and would give a bit of a premium for that certainty. But the minute you use it, it is no longer NOS and so that carries no weight by itself.

xiaoman1 08-18-18 12:43 PM

You might consider doing a search on the "bay" and see what has "sold" and go from mentioned a premium for new but how much compared to nice ones listed.
Values on bikes like cars drop dramatically after newer models appear (unless highly collectible)...I would keep this in mind before I make an offer.
You should also think about the fees paid and packing time for sellers etc.
Good Luck, Ben

Poguemahone 08-19-18 04:22 AM

Meh. Entry level bike. It has value, but not MSRP. $250 might be a fair offer; doubt seller would take that given asking price. NOS would add more value if it were both top of the line and vintage. Bike probably wasn't even sold new for MSRP.

mcm44 08-19-18 07:56 AM

thanks everyone for the feedback is helpful
appreciate the replies

CliffordK 08-19-18 09:47 AM

It is a sweet looking bike:

(Stock Photo from BBB)

Experience the classic feel of chromoly with Masi's Speciale Corsa. Sporting a compliant double-butted frame and straight leg fork,

Hubs: Formula
Tires: Kenda Kontender, 700 x 23c
Spoke Brand: Stainless-steel
Brakeset: Tektro dual-pivot
Shift Levers: Shimano 2300
Pedals: Aluminum platform w/clips and straps
Rear Cogs: SRAM, 8-speed: 11-26
Saddle: Brev. M Perforated
Handlebar: Masi aluminum
Handlebar Stem: Masi
But, when you get down to it, the bike was only a $765 bike 7 years ago.

I.E. Pretty low end.

It means that it will never be a big collector's item, "NOS" or not.

Yet the 2300 is a solid groupset, and it should serve you well.

It might be worth looking at the value of a similar new Masi for comparison. I'm not seeing the same model being offered, but I'd guess they would price it around $1000 retail. But, the bikes I'm seeing have somewhat better groupsets.

I'd probably put the value somewhere between the $250 that @Poguemahone suggested and 50% of the MSRP, or about $350. But, I can also be somewhat optimistic with the pricing.

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