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Reesespieces 10-21-18 03:40 PM

1983 Raleigh Olympians
I have two 1983 Raleigh Olympian 502 bikes. A men's and a women's. They have had the seats, handle bars, and tires replaced, but are original other than that. Can anyone give me an approximate value. They are in excellent condition. It won't let me post a picture.
Thanks, (Houston, TX)

2cam16 10-21-18 04:32 PM

If it's like this '83 Olympian (frame from Taiwan) which I sold last year for $50, they're not worth much.
DSC_8801 by 2cam16, on Flickr

wrk101 10-22-18 08:31 AM

Entry level, depending on condition of tires and other consumables, along with paint, anywhere from $25 to $100. Do not sell as a pair, as that takes someone who needs two bikes, where your two just happen to be the right size. Sold as a pair, I would expect them to sell for the same as just the best one bike.

joemissler 10-24-18 07:56 AM

Have a similar red one that appears to have all the original stuff. Nice riders.

Lascauxcaveman 10-30-18 07:18 PM

I sold one in excellent original condition a few years back. I got $100 for it. Very low end bike.

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