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theblackbullet 10-30-18 08:57 AM

1983 Trek 970
Details of the bike are scant. I may go look at it later today. I believe it to be a ~24" frame and to be built up with Suntour Sprint groupset. Any ideas of value? I understand these are rare, and that makes it hard to pinpoint the value with very few examples for sale.

zukahn1 10-30-18 09:42 AM

I would say $450-500 would be the high end of what you want to pay on this. Really nice bike with great frame and good components. But the bike looks a bit neglected and it is on a not so great trainer which is usually $100 deduction for me I almost never see a bike on a cheap trainer that doesn't have issues. So I would check everything over in detail before buying.

nesteel 10-30-18 08:48 PM

If the paints good, and the bike is without rust issues from trainer sweat, I'd be happy as heck to get it for $400-500.

theblackbullet 10-31-18 06:12 AM

Thanks for the input @zukahn1 and @nesteel ! I'm feeling a lot better about the asking price from the seller. I will update if it looks nice in person and I am able to get it!

wrk101 10-31-18 12:29 PM

Hard to find bike! Original Campy stuff is gone, Sprint is a later group, nice, but doesn't have the Campy bump. To me, you are mainly buying the frame.

zukahn1 10-31-18 04:07 PM

I would agree most of the value is in the frame set . The big question is has sweat and front end pounding from being used heavily on a trainer this large light frame done some damage to the frame or original paint which could negate most of the value. If all is good on the frame set it should be worth $300-350 maybe bit more without the parts. If it is jacked up from heavy trainer use most of the value is gone.

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