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salty_snax 11-07-18 09:13 PM

Eddy Merckx - 1989?
imgur . com / nvYz5Tr

(just delete the spaces)
This is a Eddy Merckx Corsa or corsa extra, depending on the tube set (SL versus SLX respectively). This bike's color scheme is for team Weinmann - SMM Uster 1990. Team Weinmann-Domex was in existence for one year only, 1989. The bike was sold by Eddy Merckx (the company) in this color way in 1989.

The thing is, the font doesn't quite match other photos on the internet for this team. Curious if anyone knows anything, also the pricing.


rccardr 11-08-18 03:03 AM

Linkie no workie.

tmh657 11-08-18 08:30 AM

Hi Salty. Welcome. Why put spaces in your link?

machinist42 11-08-18 10:59 AM

Pic Assist

T-Mar 11-08-18 12:55 PM

This may be a repaint and redecal of an older and lower grade Merckx. Any USA market Merckx circa 1989 should have the investment cast seat lug, chromed dropout flats, dual bottle bosses and a pump peg, none of which appear on the subject bicycle. Features like bottle bosses and pump pegs could vary from market to market but I'd think that the investment cast seat lug would be consistent across all markets. I also notice that one of the brake cable ports is on top and the other is on the bottom, which is also atypical for the 1989 models.

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